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Newtown's Top Dog



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Newtown’s Top Dog

By Steve Bigham

This year’s #1 dog in Newtown almost didn’t make it to his coronation ceremony Tuesday morning at Edmond Town Hall. Norway, an adorable eight-year-old Norwegian Elkhound, was reluctant to get in the car, no doubt figuring he was due for his annual shots.

“Probably he thought he was going to the vet,” explained Norway’s owner, Karla Kober of Great Ring Road.

Norway did finally agree to get into the car and he soon learned that there were no shots to be had. Instead, he was showered with a big bag of dog food, two rawhide bones, some treats, and, of course, the #1 dog license. Norway will also receive a free rabies vaccination next year.

And this friendly, sweet-natured dog seemed to take it all in stride, taking time out from his sniffing of the town hall sidewalk to pose for a few photos with Town Clerk Cindy Simon. When it was over, Norway happily jumped back into the Kober car and headed home, where he reportedly settled down for an afternoon nap. It’s good to be #1.

Norway became a fixture in the home of Peter and Darla Kober after his previous owner was forced to put him up for adoption.

“My husband brought him home for me to see. He was 14 months old and his owner couldn’t take care of him anymore. We fell in love with him. He’s just always there for us. He’s a good friend,” Mrs Kober explained.

Norway, a hunting dog by breed, weighs in at 64 pounds, is gray and white and has a curled tail. He will now enjoy unparalleled glory for being Newtown’s top dog for an entire year.

The annual contest, sponsored by the town clerk’s office, is an incentive for residents to comply with state regulations and license their dogs by June 30.

Past winners include Daisy Higgins, Brittany Manka, Shade Clark, Maxwell Plouffe, Nugget Nagy, Digger Wismar, and Katie Duquette.

Town Clerk Cindy Simon said there are many Newtown dogs that still need to be licensed. She urges all dog owners to drop by town hall for a new license.

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