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Kids For Canines Seeks Angels, Funds For Pound Pets



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Kids For Canines Seeks Angels, Funds For Pound Pets

By Kendra Bobowick

Larissa Spies “might want to be a vet … or a doctor!” she said, and for the second year in a row has made an effort to help Newtown’s animals.

“Do wildlife; those critters need the help,” laughed Animal Control Officer Carolee Mason. A Kids For Canine’s member and an eighth grade student at St Rose, Larissa met in early June with group coordinator Amy Sullivan, Ms Mason, and Assistant Animal Control Officer Matthew Schaub to present them with her $350 contribution.

Although the end of school is just days away, Larissa welcomed the volunteer canine fundraising work. “Last year [Ms Sullivan] invited me to do a [fundraising] campaign for my school, and I loved it so much I did it again this year,” she said. She spent two weeks recently raising money to support Newtown’s dog pound. She also sought funds locally outside of school to boost her contribution. The funds raised in the last year by the roughly year-old organization will specifically support “forever” placement of pets in new homes, and ongoing training.

Larissa received support from both faculty advisor Ms Salaris and Principal Mary Maloney. She raised funds with the help of St Rose faculty and families. She sold raffle tickets for pet baskets and sold dog biscuits. Local businesses also helped collect money for her cause — Your Healthy Pet and Villerinas of Newtown, and Maple Ridge Animal Clinic and Great and Small Dog Grooming of Southbury. Funds support the Newtown dog pound adoption efforts, pay for training, supplies, and more.

“We would love to let people know that if they adopt a dog from the pound they will get training and support for free,” Ms Sullivan said. She then explained an “Angel” initiative, which Kids For Canines also supports.

“We need Angel,” Ms Sullivan said recently. She spoke about and Angel program for residents that adopt “one of our special dogs that has been at the pound a long time.” Adoptive pet owners will receive free basic obedience training, paid through Kids for Canines, and a home visit from canine wizard Rob Mullens. Basic obedience classes are provided through Casio Kennels of Newtown. Also with the adoption come free items, including a collar and crate.

Ms Sullivan notes that the pound pet should be the only pet. The Angel program seeks experienced dog owners who are willing to work with the trainers, provide exercise, and want to make a difference for the homeless pets, she said. Angel will need “dedication and a heart of gold,” she said. “You go day by day with time, patience and love.” In need of Angel are Taz, Max, Dante, and Russell, who have all been at the Newtown pound for extended time.

Residents who are unable to adopt a pet can still adopt a stuffed animal through the Rescue Me program, also promoted by Kids For Canines. For example, Alison Amanzio’s third grade Sandy Hook School students donated used dog and cat stuffed animals with an attached card and story about the animal. Pets include Jessica, who loves treats and balls. She hopes a little girl will “pick me up and hug me,” her card reads.

Vanilla’s information states, “I love kids.” She likes it if “people give me treats and carry me around. Please take me home.” And Buster loves kids and hamburgers, states his card. “I love to play catch and run in the grass. I promise to be good and give tons of kisses!”

With $5 and a visit to the pound, visitors can adopt a stuffed pet.

Kids For Canines, which began roughly one year ago, still raises funds through the sale of homemade dog biscuits. The treats are made with love, 2 cups of unbleached flour, a half-cup of wheat germ, a half-cup of brewer’s yeast, 2 cloves of crushed garlic, 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil, and a cup of chicken stock.

For information, contact Amy Sullivan at Boxeramy@gmail.com or call the Newtown dog pound at 203-426-6900.

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