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A Little Book Store School Year



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With curated shelves of books roughly organized by grade levels, the Little Book Store manager Marge Gingolaski says the for-sale selections at C.H. Booth Library are perfect for stocking up classrooms or private collections for students.

Ms Gingolaski oversees the Little Book Store for the Friends of the C.H. Booth Library. It is situated near the main circulation desk at the library, located at 25 Main Street.

The Little Book Store is stocked with books donated to Friends of the C.H. Booth Library throughout the year. While most of those donations are sold at the annual summer book sale, other books are selected to be sold at the annual Holiday Sale or in the Little Book Store.

Ms Gingolaski said all of the books are “in great shape,” and prices range between $1 and $3 for pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade books. Most of the books are $1.

As the school year approaches, Ms Gingolaski said local teachers are frequently spotted searching through the selections to find books to fill classrooms.

“Children’s books have been going like crazy this summer,” said Ms Gingolaski.

All of the money from the sale of the Little Book Store books goes back to the Friends of the C.H. Booth Library to further support the library. Books for adults are also available at the store, and those can be more expensive — between $4 and $6 — than the books for children. The Little Book Store also offers DVDs, audiobooks, and more. One corner has greeting cards for sale, thanks to a recent large donation.

The Little Book Store’s selections rotate often, Ms Gingolaski observed. As of August 16, there was a balanced selection of both fiction and non-fiction children’s books.

The Little Book Store is open during library hours. More information about the library is available on its website, chboothlibrary.org.

The Little Book Store Manager Marge Gingolaski holds Blowback ‘63, by author Brian Meehl, one of the books available for purchase on August 16.
Books on two shelves at the Little Book Store, situated in a corner at C.H. Booth Library, are for “Grades 2-6” and “Grades 7-12.” —Bee Photos, Hallabeck
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