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Run A Course Of Your Choice: Rooster Run Goes Virtual And Gives Participants Flexibility



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For runners interested in completing a road race but reluctant to lace up those sneakers due to race times, location, or the competitive atmosphere, this year’s Rooster Run may be for them. That is because the 47th edition of the race is a virtual one, with participants given the flexibility to choose where and when they run as long as it’s between Sunday, September 27 and Saturday, October 3 (registration ends at 11:59 pm).

Given the option to run (or walk) the traditional event courses, laps around a flat parking lot, uphill, downhill, on a treadmill — you name it — there may not be a perfectly even playing field for race results — but this is 2020.

“I think it will be a success. It’s just different — everything’s different,” said assistant director of Newtown Parks and Recreation, Rose Ann Reggiano. “I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.”

Held in the June in past years, the race was put on hold due to coronavirus restrictions. As always, the Rooster Run will support the Newtown Scholarship Association, and runners will also have the opportunity to incorporate their own causes into the run. It is for ages 5 and older. There will be a 5K, 10K, and Little Chicks half-mile run.

Reggiano is hoping for large participation numbers due to the freedom runners have for the race. One of the reasons it was made a virtual event, in addition to working with coronavirus restrictions, Reggiano said, is that the race typically brings in a high volume of day-of registrations and advance registration certainly works much better this year.

“Virtual races are great activities because participants can run for their own unique reason, their own special cause, and their own personal accomplishment. Individuals may want to switch up their workout routine and try something new or they may want to start training for a new form of physical activity. I see so many people exercising and running for fitness but they may not want to be competitive,” director of Newtown Parks and Recreation Amy Mangold said. “Participants can raise awareness of the cause that is important to them and also have the satisfaction of knowing they are getting an excellent workout, even though there is absolutely no pressure to go super fast. I hope individuals consider trying this virtual race to support the Newtown Scholarship Association.”

Those who do not run may sponsor the event or make a donation at runsignup.com/race/donate/ct/newtown/newtownroosterrunroadraces. All contributions are tax deductible. With a donation of $100 or more, race officials will promote a business on social media and all promotional items.

Participants will self-time their race. Cost is $30 for the 5K and 10K events and $10 for the Little Chicks run. Register at runsignup.com/race/ct/newtown/newtownroosterrunroadraces, then submit results to plattsys.com/a_virtual.php. Make checks out and mail to Newtown Parks and Recreation, 8 Simpson Street, Newtown, CT 06470.

The first 200 registrants will receive a dry fit mask with Rooster Run logo. Masks and medals may be picked up at 8 Simpson Street after Monday, September 28.

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