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Newtown Scholarship Association Lists Awards



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Newtown Scholarship

Association Lists Awards

 The Newtown Scholarship Association, Inc recently awarded $107,500 in continuing aid for the 2003–2004 academic year to the following students from Newtown enrolled in four-year college programs:

Kathleen Bartek, Western New England College (Olga Knoepke Memorial Scholarship)

Diana Bonacci, Eastern Connecticut University (Paul MacNamara Memorial Scholarship)

Lauren Bonacci, Quinnipiac College (Mariette Paquin Memorial Scholarship and the Bob & Pam Gleason Entrepreneurial Scholarship)

Kevin Buckholz, Columbia College (Olga Knoepke Memorial Scholarship)

Brian Budnick, University of Virginia (Joseph P. Grasso Memorial Scholarship)

David Clancy, University of Connecticut (The Bob & Pam Gleason Entrepreneurial Scholarship)

Jessica Clark, Bucknell (Lt Robert W. Vogel USN Memorial Scholarship)

Tom Denninger, Sacred Heart University (Thomas Mularcik Memorial Scholarship and The Bob & Pam Gleason Entrepreneurial Scholarship)

Erin Doyle, Hofstra University (Women Involved in Newtown (WIN) Scholarship)

Elizabeth English, Catholic University of America (Lt Robert W. Vogel USN Memorial Scholarship and Newtown Savings Bank Scholarship)

Michael English, Southern Connecticut State University (Garden Club of Newtown Scholarship)

Melissa Fornabia, Western Connecticut State University (Anna Anderson, Joseph W. Hammond, and Mr & Mrs Russell Strasburger memorial scholarships)

Evan Graves, University of Vermont (Jonathan Ullo Memorial Scholarship)

Jennifer Haghpanah, Quinnipiac College (Tony Larson Memorial Scholarship)

Faith Hunt, Western Connecticut State University (Alice Carroll, Robert Daily, and Paul MacNamara memorial scholarships)

Cannon Jones, University of Vermont (Manisa Simoes and James F. Hinckley memorial scholarships)

Diana Kim, Boston University (Rotary Club of Newtown and the Harlen Allison and Elizabeth Parker memorial scholarships)

Sara Leddy, Loyola College (Annabelle Rosenthal Memorial Scholarship)

Erin Lewis, Virginia Tech (Newtown Savings Bank Scholarship, Agnes Lamberty Science Scholarship, and Joseph Borrello Memorial Scholarship)

Cassandra Lukeris, University of Rhode Island (Rebecca Van Syckle and Gregory Richardson memorial scholarships)

Steven McCulloch, Johnson & Wales College (Stephen Mazuroski #73 Athlete Memorial Scholarship)

Abby McLoughlin, University of Pittsburgh (Lysbeth Platt Memorial Scholarship)

Erin MacKnight, University of New Hampshire (Dr Louis Wasserman and Fred Frenkel memorial scholarships)

Kacey Miklazewski, Roger Williams University (Greg Chion Memorial Scholarship and Greg Chion Memorial Band & Color Guard Scholarship)

Caitlin Palmer, Kings College (Sippin Energy Products Scholarship, Lilla Dean Honorary Scholarship)

Alden Palmer, University of New Hampshire (Olga Knoepke Memorial Scholarship)

Todd Palo, Lafayette College (Nelson & Sylvea Curtis Memorial Scholarship and Rotary Club of Newtown Scholarship)

Christopher Perry, Western New England College (Ernie Badillo Memorial Scholarship and Rotary Club of Newtown Scholarship)

Jennifer Perry, Mitchell College (Newtown Woman’s Club and Women Involved in Newtown (WIN) scholarships)

Christian Petre, University of Connecticut (Robert Y. Brown, Jr, Memorial Scholarship)

Christina Popowski, St Joseph’s College (Caroline Calabrese Memorial Scholarship)

Mike Rostafin, Ithaca College (Ernie Badillo, Melissa Rodriguez, and Mr & Mrs Jack Friel memorial scholarships)

Andrea Rustine, Springfield College (Becky Bruner and Fayette L. Overholt memorial scholarships and Eileen Willig Honorary Scholarship)

Kali Santarpia, Towson University (Ferne Nawrocki and Carl LeGrow memorial scholarships; Edwards Family Scholarship)

Bonny Soucy, SUNY Albany (Dorothea Baker and Norma Pierson memorial scholarships)

Jessica Stiewing, University of Connecticut (Mack Lathrop Memorial Scholarship)

Glenn Stiewing, Eastern Connecticut University (Roger Biesel Memorial Scholarship)

Matthew Sullivan, University of Notre Dame (Newtown Savings Bank Scholarship and Philip T. Morgan Memorial Scholarship)

Johathan Werbeck, Springfield College (Ernie Badillo and Joseph Corbo memorial scholarships)

Mark Werbeck, University of Vermont (Brett Pryor and Lt Robert W. Vogel USN memorial scholarships)

Todd Winner, University of Vermont (Jonathan Ullo Memorial Scholarship)

Renee Whippie, University of Maine (Norma Pierson and Jonathan Ullo memorial scholarships)

The Newtown Scholarship Association was established as a nonprofit organization in 1937 to promote and advance the education of secondary school graduates who reside in Newtown by providing financial aid to promising students. Since awarding its first scholarship of $50, the NSA has provided more than $2.5 million to Newtown students. Donations to the NSA can be sent to the Newtown Scholarship Association, Inc, PO Box 302, Newtown, CT 06470 or for more information on establishing a scholarship contact Mark Korotash, president, at 426-9222.

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