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New Electronic Medical Record Technology Improves Patient Safety



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New Electronic Medical Record Technology Improves Patient Safety

St Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport has introduced new capabilities in the area of technology and radiology that will change how physicians access and use patient information and improve patient safety.

St. Vincent’s has implemented a new Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). This new online medical record system allows physicians to view a patient’s electronic medical record and enter orders for treatment and medications directly into the computer system from not only the hospital but from their office or home. The doctors can also read x-rays, CT scans and MRIs online as well from any location via this digital imaging, and dictate reports using voice activation.

“We are 100 percent committed to the success of this initiative and to improving patient safety at St Vincent’s,” said Susan Davis, president/CEO of St Vincent’s Health Services. “We believe this technology will translate into better, safer quality care for our patients and increased resources for our physicians.”

The new PACS system and other new online capabilities mean all physicians and medical professionals caring for a patient can access the records easily at any time. Clinicians can access critical data such as patient history, lab results, treatment protocols, and adverse drug interactions at the point of care.

It will help eliminate errors caused by transcription and legibility problems and speed the pharmacy delivery process and help with bedside decisionmaking, as well as make the process more convenient for physicians and hospital personnel, thereby saving time and expense.

In addition, St Vincent’s has also installed two multislice CT scanners, two ultrasound machines, a 3-D ultrasound for cardiology, a nuclear medicine camera, and has constructed an interventional radiology suite and an electrophysiology room. Plans call for a new MRI, new Cath Lab as well to create a radiology department with state of the art technology.

Patients will also get their own communications benefit from all the new technology because St Vincent’s has introduced a new wireless Internet service to patients and visitors free of charge. The new St Vincent’s Public Wireless Network allows patients, family members and visitors to log onto the Internet at no cost using their own laptop from anywhere in the medical center, including patient rooms and the lobby. The program is made possible through St. Vincent’s Foundation.

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