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Political Signage A Matter Of Choice



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To the Editor:

Many of you have asked us why the Rodgers/Capeci signs are not out yet, so we write to share our thinking on the subject.

In general, we deplore the use of political yard signs. Newtown stood out as a pleasant visual alternative to surrounding towns during campaign seasons. That's because for years the two major parties here had an informal agreement not to use them. Alas, that agreement died with the advent of some third parties, and the regional Probate race, wherein nonresidents brought signs to Newtown as they came from localities where signs are common. Once signs became a part of our political landscape, moreover, it is sadly the case that they're likely here to stay.

In order to limit their intrusion, we have imposed on ourselves that same limit that we understand applies to commercial and nonprofit entities, to wit, that signs should not be placed more than 30 days in advance of the event they address. Therefore, expect our signs to be placed on or after October 7 in anticipation of the November 7 general election.

This message is not intended to criticize our opponents, for clearly the use, content, and timing of political signs is a matter of right, and left to each candidate's discretion. It is merely our explanation for our position and the absence of our signs to date.

Will Rodgers, First Selectman Candidate

208 Hattertown Road, Newtown

Jeff Capeci, Selectman Candidate

52 Bear Hills Road, Newtown         October 3, 2017

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