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Financial Aid Info Night



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Financial Aid Info Night

On Wednesday, October 11, at 7 pm, the members of the Newtown High School Guidance Department will be hosting a Financial Aid Night in the main auditorium. This is “must attend” for parents who are thinking of sending their children to college.

The average cost of a private school education is roughly $28,000 per year, while most competitive colleges (the Ivy Leagues) cost $47,000 per year, making the total tuition for four years anywhere from $152,000 to $200,000. Today, most students are completing their degrees in five years and, some, in even six! Where does a family come up with that amount of money?

Come hear Charles Wareham explain how to “look poor” at the right time in order to be awarded financial aid. This is a night when parents will receive information about scholarships, financial aid scams, etc. All parents of high school students are invited to attend, as well as parents of middle school and elementary school students.

For further information, call the Guidance Department at 426-7651.

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