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To the Editor:



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To the Editor:

I am happy to express our support for Jim Gaston for selectman of the Town of Newtown. Mr Gaston is both assertive and civil. We know how education is important to him, as is fiscal responsibility.

Jim Gaston was on the Board of Finance for ten years. He did an admirable job balancing town and education needs. No spin, straight as an arrow, Jim Gaston called it as he saw it. That’s what we need.

As Borough Warden, we have a sense of comfort. There will be no behind the scenes politics; he will fight vigorously to protect us, his constituents.

We have seen his work: Historic District, Health District, United Water battle, record low tax mill, and preservation of the Main Street sugar maple tree line from open trenching.

He has served us well for ten years on the Board of Finance and believes in preserving Newtown’s hallmarks that make Newtown special. Mr Gaston is a constructive builder. Unfortunately, others seem to sometimes just be the energy of destruction.

I also believe in the Return to Reason. Please vote for Jim Gaston for Board of Selectmen!

Doug Nelson

14 The Boulevard, Newtown                                  September 3, 2011

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