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To the Editor:

I am writing to endorse Dan Cruson who is running for First Selectman of Newtown on November 7. Dan is a lifelong resident of our town and has served on the Board of Education for over seven years. He is also a Newtown small business owner and has two children in the Newtown public schools. Most everyone knew his dad who was the town historian for 27 years until his death. Most everyone knows how Dan Senior dedicated his life to Newtown. His brother has stepped up and is serving in that position now. The Cruson family is all about service to Newtown.

I have not known Dan long but I have been walking door to door with him for weeks now, meeting Newtown citizens and asking what they want Dan to concentrate on, should he be elected. You get to know someone when you spend hours walking around talking to people. You get to sense their character and their priorities. Dan is honest and kind and whip-smart. He has the values and ideals that we need in our town. He believes in working across the aisle and serving all of the people, regardless of party. The one thing that stands out to me the most about Dan is how proud he is of representing Newtown and how much he wants to continue to serve our town. Dan, like his father before him, is dedicated to Newtown.

Please get out and vote for Dan on November 7. He will do us proud and work his heart out for our town.


Lynn Hungaski


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