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To the Editor:

Appalled by the attempts in Newtown this past spring by some extremists to ban two stellar books from the Newtown High School library (an attempt clearly fueled by a national playbook), I am motivated more than ever to cast my votes in our November 7th municipal elections for candidates who I know will observe and respect the First Amendment and believe in Freedom of Speech.

To that end, I plan to vote for the full slate of Democrats, led by Dan Cruson for First Selectman and Michelle Embree Ku as his running mate. They will not only protect our freedom of speech, but they also have viable and practical plans to properly fund our schools, roads, buildings, and bridges, and provide for security and smart development.

Dan and Michelle have a combined seventeen years of experience within Newtown’s municipal government, Dan having served on the Board of Education for seven years now. Michelle is currently on the Legislative Council and has served on numerous boards and commissions since 2012, including eight years on the Board of Education, the last four as chair.

Both Dan and Michelle care deeply about Newtown. Born and raised here, Dan has been a resident for 32 years. Michelle has lived here for 14 years and, like Dan, has raised her family here.

Having served together on the Board of Education, Dan and Michelle know they not only work well together, but successfully. Most importantly, Dan and Michelle will not let national politics and culture wars intrude on their mission — ensuring that Newtown is a safe, thriving, and inclusive community.

Please join me in voting for them and the whole slate of Democratic candidates on November 7th.


Sue Kassirer

Sandy Hook

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  1. qstorm says:

    ‘Extremists’? I’d say those folks screaming at the parents challenging the propaganda in the school library were the extremists. The people who hounded the duly elected BoE members into fearfully resigning fit my definition of extremist.

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