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Endorsing Two Police Commission Candidates



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To the Editor:

I write to express my support for the re-election of Scott Cicciari and Brian Budd, both Republicans, as members of the Board of Police Commissioners. While I presently serve on the Police Commission as chairman and am an elected Democrat, I write in my capacity as a Newtown resident to reaffirm that the board is an entirely apolitical body that has no need for political affiliation whatsoever.

The questions are: can you do the job and are you dedicated to advancing policing in Newtown in a too often divisive environment where police are criticized (wrongly most often) for simply doing their jobs — and doing them very well and without public recognition. The answer to these queries is a resounding “Yes” for both of these gentlemen. Scott has shown his dedication to the NPD over many years as a partner and fundraiser demonstrating the need for a new NPD headquarters building.

Scott is an asset to the board and has become quite adept at helping oversee the department and participating in officer hiring and promotion. Brian is a highly decorated captain at the Stratford PD and has, in the past, selflessly given his time as a member of the Police Commission — being elected to three prior terms. Brian’s life experience and professional perspective are critical to the continued effective function of the Board of Police Commissioners in my judgment.

I strongly urge both Democrats and Republicans to vote for these proven Police Commission candidates.

Joel T. Faxon


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