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Four-Legged Friend Finds Hope: The Heartwarming Tale Of Star



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An extraordinary display of compassion and community is unfolding under the direction of the Spay and Neuter Association of Newtown (SNAN), as they commit their efforts to a heartrending yet hopeful case.

SNAN President Dolores Miller spoke with The Newtown Bee about the organization’s recent decision to assume responsibility for the care of Star, an abandoned dog with a powerful will to survive despite horrific abuse.

According to Miller, one of SNAN’s founding members, their mission has always been to prevent unwanted animals and to spread awareness about responsible animal treatment. Sometimes, however, their work transcends routine, as they encounter special cases in need of direct intervention.

Star’s story began on a day that may well have marked her end.

Her rescuer, who chose to remain anonymous, recalled a car slowing to around four or five miles per hour, when suddenly a door opened and the helpless canine came tumbling out onto the road.

According to him, Star found her way to him first, practically running up to her benefactor, with whom she’s been practically inseparable ever since.

Sadly, though, Star’s plight was far from over even after she was rescued.

Suffering from severe medical neglect, the tiny dog was incapable of producing tears. Both of her ears had become dramatically swollen with infection, as well.

Weighing a mere 6.4 lbs — barely more than half her current weight — she even still faces the possibility of losing an eye due to skin allergies that had been totally ignored and allowed to fester.

Dr John Robb, of Protect the Pets, stepped in to administer vitally needed care, providing injections to stimulate tear production and treat the allergies.

According to Miller, though, Star was always a beacon of resilience throughout the whole ordeal, earning herself the affectionate nickname that mirrors her brave spirit.

“Throughout this whole exam she was a complete star,” she said, “She was relaxed, accepting of treatment. Whenever we were waiting for Dr Robb to come back, she laid on [the rescuer’s] lap. It was like they were one.”

“If anything happens to this dog, I don’t even want to live,” Miller recalls him commenting.

Star’s journey is still far from over. The initial bill from Dr Robb was around $600, and her allergies will require monthly injection treatments, estimated at $120 each. A spay surgery will also be necessary, which is expected to cost between $220-250 for a dog of her size.

A potential enucleation of the eye could be an even more expensive surgical procedure, likely costing in excess of $1,000.

Regardless, SNAN stands by Star and her rescuer, ready to provide for those considerable needs while ensuring that she receives the love and care that she deserves.

To support Star and other animals like her, SNAN is reaching out to the community for financial aid. Donations from the public are the lifeblood for SNAN’s mission to find and intervene in cases such as this one.

To contribute, individuals should send a check with their contribution to PO Box #352, Newtown 06470. SNAN is also now accepting digital donations at paypal.me/snanct.

On a closing note, SNAN implores anyone considering abandoning an animal to seek help from local organizations or authorities. There is always a better option than taking matters into your own hands and leaving a defenseless animal to an uncertain fate.


Reporter Owen Tanzer can be reached at owen@thebee.com.

Dr John Robb administers care to Star’s infected ears. —photo courtesy Dolores Miller
Star, sitting placidly in her rescuer’s lap while awaiting care. Her afflicted eye, which may require future surgery, is clearly visible. —photo courtesy Dolores Miller
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