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Girl Scouts Get Animal Care And Riding Experience With Horse Guard



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Girl Scouts from Newtown Troop #50597 visited the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard (2GHG) for a hands-on (and ride-on) experience in horse care on Sunday, November 12. There were seven Scouts on hand to earn their horse care/horse riding patch during an approximate two-hour visit to the 2GHG’s Fairfield Hills headquarters.

Horse Guard troopers gave the girls a brief history of the 2GHG. Additionally, these special guests got to visit artifacts, view the property map, take a tour of the tack room and learn about riding equipment, tour the barn, feed the horses, and learn about basic care and safety. Horse Guard troopers have a demonstration on grooming and the Scouts took turns brushing horses. Horses Drifter and Tommy were tacked up and girls got to ride them around the indoor ring. The event was capped off with putting the horses back in their stalls and cleaning the tack and putting it away Army style.

Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops interested in earning badges with the Horse Guard may e-mail the office at 2ghg.ctmd@ct.gov.

Girl Scout Juliana Dominguez rides Drifter as Corporal Laurie Pittman, left, and Private Nadia Gluch assist during a visit to the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard. —Bee Photos, Hutchison
Girl Scout Eleanor Magnano sits atop Tommy as Sergeant Samantha Burton, left, and Private First Class Selena Carella walk alongside.
Troop leader Carla Magnano and Girl Scouts, from left, Eleanor Magnano, Brooke Duncan, and Finley McMurdo, enjoy a horse grooming demonstration.
Sergeant Samantha Burton, left, and Private First Class Selena Carella demonstrate horse care on Tommy.
Ellie Veneziano, Kaelyn Albert, Hadley McMurdo, and Juliana Dominguez get up close and personal with Drifter before riding in the ring.
Drifter gets ready to go to the ring as Corporal Laurie Pittman and Girl Scouts take the cooperative horse out of the stall.
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