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A Visit To The Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard



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On November 17, students in The Afterschool Program (TAP) at Newtown High School learned about the history of the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard and watched as the company’s horses were fed.

The field trip visit included a presentation from Captain Paul Mazzara offering information about the company’s history and mission. Later, Kim Armbruster, an agricultural worker with the State of Connecticut who is based at the horse guard, supervised horses being fed so students could witness the event.

“We preserve the history of the horse and the cavalry,” said Captain Mazzara.

Students learned that the all-volunteer Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard is always looking for more members, along with requirements for joining. Captain Mazzara shared that the company looks for people of good character who will contribute positively to the future, mission, and operations of the unit.

Things members of the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard do, as students learned, include mounted military drills, training horses, and participating in parades. Captain Mazzara estimated that when there is not a pandemic hampering the number of parades, the company takes part in ten to 12 parades a year.

And there are drills for preparing horses for the hustle and loud noises that can occur at a parade.

“The horse has to be able to walk on that parade route and be calm,” said Captain Mazzara.

Students also learned that the Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard participated in WWI and it held a memorial celebration for that participation in 2018.

After the presentation, students asked Captain Mazzara a number of questions, including how many states do not have horse guards.

“I can tell you the ones that do: Connecticut and New Hampshire,” said Captain Mazzara.

The students then toured the facility and saw the horses eat.


Education Reporter Eliza Hallabeck can be reached at eliza@thebee.com.

Two horses enter the Second Company Horse Guard’s building on November 17 ready to eat. —Bee Photos, Hallabeck
Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard Captain Paul Mazzara oversees a presentation for NHS TAP students on November 17.
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