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To the Editor:

Please allow a brief shout out to Newtown Parks and Recreation Department.  Our sons and their families returned to Newtown for Thanksgiving. Our older son and daughter-in-law are avid runners and eagerly search for new paths. One of their runs took them over some of the trails at Fairfield Hills. They came home and raved about the condition of the course. The paved areas were pristine and the woods were clear of leaves and debris – a condition they really appreciated as they could enjoy their run and not worry about what was under foot.

Our family has enjoyed the fruits of all the P&R efforts for many, many years, be it at the town parks, baseball and soccer fields, tennis courts, summer camps, the high school pool, the Teen Center and holiday events, etc…  On behalf of our “runners,” thanks to all the members of that department who sent two Vermonters back home with happy feet!

A Grateful Resident,

Roseanne G. Loring

9 Cobblestone Lane, Newtown         December 1, 2015

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