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To the Editor:

I am writing to praise the Newtown Parks and Rec Department for hiring Canine Training and Behavior Services LLC as part of the program offered to residents and their canines.

My rescue collie and I signed up for the current program with Ms Patti Fernandes and Ms Peggy Reed and couldn’t be more pleased with these two instructors. There are many dog trainers in the world, and these two exemplify the best in the field. Their patience is key to helping owners like me learn how to handle their own dog without feeling like they are getting annoyed with us.

If we don’t understand the direction we are to give the dog or the follow through, they are more than willing to explain it again and again because they know that people and dogs learn at different rates. Their sense of humor gets us through the lesson and into the next week. When owners feel (as I have often felt) that everything is going wrong, Patti and Peggy’s ability to keep it light-hearted carries us through, and we are able to laugh at ourselves and our dog.

Patti and Peggy bring creativity and flexibility to each class. They revamp the environment and lesson to suit the dog, and they are able to do this on the spot. Their ability to create confidence in us and our animals is uncanny. Diplomacy is also key, and they are very tactful and nonjudgmental. They provide an environment where we, the owners, and our pets are able to be ourselves and learn positive methods to keep our dogs safe. Their tips and suggestions are very well-thought-out and peppered with humor and wit.

In closing, I want to thank the Rec Department for hiring Canine Training and Behavior Services LLC for residents. It is truly a wonderful program.

Karen Martin

54 Osborne Hill Road December 9, 2019

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