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Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard Honor Role: Sergeant Kimberly Park



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*This is part of a series of profiles highlighting the roles of Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard (2GHG) members.

*Subject: Sergeant Kimberly A. Park (aka: Parky).

*Hometown: Bridgeport.

*Years with Horse Guard: 14.

* Role/Duties with Horse Guard: My role as stable sergeant allows me to work closely with the horses and make decisions about their food, care, health, grooming, transportation, and mental well-being. I love the challenge of pairing the most suitable rider with a particular horse based on their size, experience, temperament, and ability of the rider.

*How do you fit being a sergeant into your civilian life? I fit the guard into my civilian life by keeping it high on my priority list. 2GHG and our horses are a part of my life and my heart. Even when I am exhausted from the kids from my busy day of bus driving, I am excited to spend time with my fellow troopers, grooming, tacking, and riding my favorite horse makes it all worth it.

*What do you enjoy most about the Horse Guard: I like being a part of a team that is working for the same goal. To be the best soldier and the best horseman that we can be, knowing that I can count on any one of the troopers of 2GHG to have my back and help me in any situation, at the Guard or in my home life with no questions asked they will be there for me.

*Why should civilians join 2GHG? I think civilians should join the guard to get a feel for how it is to serve our country and bond together as a united group working to protect and defend the governor of Connecticut. Of course, working closely with the horses is a privilege and a blessing all its own.

*Other interests: I am a school bus driver. My hobbies are enjoying time with my friends. Walking and hiking. Church. Traveling any chance I get. A dream of mine is to see a herd of elephants at sunrise on a preserve in South Africa.

*A Horse Guard horse (past or present) to ride off into the sunset: The horse that has always had my heart at 2GHG is Maverick. The stable department considered him a purchase prospect, so we tested him out and he came home with us!

The Horse Guard is seeking new members. Join Sergeant Parky, her fellow troopers, and the majestic military horses by sending an e-mail of interest to 2ghg.ctmd@ct.gov.

Second Company Governor’s Horse Guard Sergeant Kimberly Park with Doc.
Horse Guard Sergeant Kimberly Park is a school bus driver around her time caring for the horses and working with fellow troopers.
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