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NYFS ‘Road To Disney Scavenger Hunt’ A Clever Race Throughout Town



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Twenty-two teams gathered outside Newtown Youth & Family Services (NYFS) at the start of the much-anticipated “Road to Disney Scavenger Hunt” on Sunday, December 6. All were vying for the chance to win five one-day hopper tickets to Disney World.

NYFS Executive Director Candice Bohr explained the instructions of the game and emphasized for everyone to be safe while going to the different locations in town for clues.

Each site had a three-foot candy cane with a piece of paper attached to it. On that piece of paper was a QR code that the teams had to scan with their phones to get the clue to the next location. Those without the capability to get the clue by phone would be assisted by a designated spotter to give them the clue.

“When you get to your clue, we need at least a minimum of one person in a picture with the candy cane,” Bohr said.

When it was time to begin the scavenger hunt, she exclaimed, “Be safe, have fun, and see you at Disney! Go!”

With that, the crowd eagerly dispersed, everyone scurrying to their designated vehicles, which had their team numbers visible in the window.

NYFS posted updates to its Facebook page throughout the afternoon to let participants know which team was currently in the lead.

There were a total of nine locations: Foundry Kitchen & Tavern, Lions Bleeker Street Pizza, The Newtown Bee, The Victory Garden at Fairfield Hills, Dental Associates, the Peter Rabbit House at The Pleasance, Rock Ridge Country Club, Castle Hill Farm, and NYFS.

While there were some back-and-forth leaders throughout the afternoon, the first team to make their way through all the clues and return to NYFS was Team 6, the Kinsey Family.

According to NYFS after the event, “The Road to Disney Scavenger Hunt was part of the Holiday Festival. The Holiday Festival is the area’s longest-running holiday event and is the largest fundraiser for NYFS. Specifically, proceeds go toward mental health, autism, and community programs.”

“Due to the overwhelming success of the scavenger hunt and all of the positive feedback we received from the participants, we will definitely incorporate the scavenger hunt into next year’s Holiday Festival,” said Bohr. “We can make it an annual event!”

For more information about Newtown Youth & Family Services, call 203-270-4335 or visit newtownyouthandfamilyservices.org.

The winner of the Newtown Youth & Family Services’ Road to Disney Scavenger Hunt was Team 6, the Kinsey family of Sandy Hook, on December 6. —photo courtesy Melissa Cercone
Pictured from left are Michelle and Cathy Rafael taking selfies with the candy cane positioned at the entrance of Foundry Kitchen & Tavern. Once they snapped their photos, they scanned the QR code to receive the next clue in the Road to Disney Scavenger Hunt. —Bee Photo, Silber
Newtown Youth & Family Services Executive Director Candice Bohr, center, gives instructions at the start of the Road to Disney Scavenger Hunt on Sunday, December 6. —Bee Photo, Silber
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