A Right To The Right Tow

Published: January 17, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

As a longtime owner/proprietor of Berkshire Motors I have cultivated a loyal base of customers who have entrusted me with their car-care needs, both routine and emergency. Recently, I was approached by one of my customers who told me that, after her son was involved in a car accident requiring that the car be towed, she promptly called AAA. The AAA representative asked her where she would like her car towed and she specifically told them to tow it to Berkshire Motors, where the car is regularly serviced.

Despite the explicit request, and against her wishes, her car was towed to a different facility, where she was enticed with a small discount if she agreed to allow them to service her car. The customer was inconvenienced and not happy. I have come to learn that this has occurred on more than one occasion. Consumers need to know that they have a right to have their car serviced by the facility of their choice. Being involved in a car accident or breaking down on a back road is upsetting enough without having to make deal with someone with whom they are not familiar.

Jim Marcucilli, Owner
Berkshire Motors
25 Berkshire Road, Sandy Hook         January 17, 2017

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