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Unaffiliated BOF Hopeful Molloy Running With GOP Support



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To the Editor:

My name is Barney Molloy and I’m running as a candidate for the Board of Finance. I’ve lived in Newtown for the past three years with my fiancée, a health care professional, and her three daughters, all who attend Newtown schools. I’m a member of the Bike and Trail Committee and an avid kayaker as well.

Understandably I’m an advocate for education and the preservation of our natural resources, because both are fundamental to the continued future success of our community.

Professionally I’ve almost 30 years of experience in finance, government and non-profit management. My career has spanned financial planning, budget modeling\audits, non-profit fundraising, legislative research and service on numerous boards and organizations responsible for planning, zoning and economic development at various levels of government.

Historically the BOF has contributed significantly to Newtown’s strong financial position and bond ratings.

I firmly believe that an independent non-partisan board that’s focused not only on our Town’s budget and monitoring financials, but proactively works with opportunities to generate revenue, as well as recognize potential future liabilities and minimize them, is critical to Newtown’s continued growth and affordability.

Members of the Board of Finance should engage on a regular basis with other boards, such as P&Z and Economic Development, as well as the Board of Selectmen, Legislative Council, BOE, and the Town’s Finance Dept.

Whether it’s the reorganization of the Town’s economic development effort, development at Fairfield Hills or the choices we need to make with the POCD update, all will have a financial impact on residents and the direction of the Town’s future. Collaboratively, our boards should work together to ensure that taxpayer funds are spent wisely, opportunities for economic development take place, our schools are funded effectively, and the rising cost of services is addressed.

My years of management and financial experience have given me the opportunities and perspective to work successfully with these issues. Together I believe we can achieve results and deliver them for Newtown, and I would appreciate your support on November 7. Thank you.

I’m running as an Unaffiliated candidate for the Board of Finance and received the Newtown Republican Town Committee’s endorsement and am included on their ballot line. I also work for Bee Publishing Co in an administrative non-editorial position.

Barney Molloy


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  1. bw.reloconsult@snet.net says:

    As an independent I applaud [Barney] for being unaffiliated. However that is not the case in this election. Running on the Republican Line makes him beholden to the Party he is running for. He is not unaffiliated in his actions,. This time around he has signed onto a major parties agenda. like it or not. If he bucks the party next election he’ll be out.

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