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An Open Letter To Newtown Voters



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To the Editor:

As Newtown’s State Rep, I’ve spoken with thousands of you over the past months and years. We share concerns about Connecticut’s future and struggle in our once-affordable state because it’s mismanaged, no longer serves us well, and has become unaffordable because our government won’t live within its means. Increasing taxes, declining property values, and neighbors and jobs moving away have many questioning whether they and their children will be able to stay.

Tuesday, that changes.

High taxes and struggling economy are the work of career politicians lacking long-term vision amidst a 33-year run of unchecked spending by the majority in the legislature. Despite opportunities to change course, they continue to make things worse, with increasing spending and “special deals” every year.

Enough — Let’s turn Connecticut around with a vision for prosperity and affordability.

We call it “Open Connecticut!” I’m excited to be part of this well-planned movement to save our state by focusing on better serving priorities — efficiently and affordably.

Join me in rejecting 33 years of business-as-usual that’s closed our state economy and created perpetual budget deficits and an unaffordability that’s driving away people and jobs.

What’s Open Connecticut?

*It’s fair, honest, lower taxes. Predictable, disciplined spending focused on you, not special interests. A commitment to critical services we need.

*It’s being competitive with other states again. Less job-killing bureaucracy. Unleashing our economy.

*It’s predictable funding so schools, police, firefighters, and public servants can focus on protecting and serving us — and us having their backs.

*It’s prioritizing infrastructure, roads, and bridges with present funding — without tolls and new taxes.

*It ends back-room, special-interest deals. Transparency in state contracts. Accountability for politicians and bureaucrats.

*A new vision. Common sense. Balance. For every town.

Vote Tuesday to help me, my Republican colleagues, and moderate Democrats “Open Connecticut.”

State Representative Mitch Bolinsky

3 Wiley Lane, Newtown         October 31, 2018

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