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Police Clear Following Situation At Sandy Hook School



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UPDATE (10:53 am): This story has been updated.

Police investigated a third party complaint of a potential security issue at Sandy Hook School around 9:15 this morning.

School is now in normal operations. Police cleared from the school by 11 am.

UPDATE (1:52 pm): This story has been updated.

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Newtown Police issued a press release concerning the incident at Sandy Hook School this morning:

"The Newtown Police Department would like to reassure our community again that all students and staff are safe and there is no credible threat to any Newtown Schools at this time," stated the release. "We are actively investigating an incident this morning regarding a third party threat toward Sandy Hook School with help from our partners in federal law enforcement. At this time, we would like the public to be aware of the following information."

The release goes on to state that police " quickly determined that all students and staff were safe and that the threat was not credible; but instead was similar to the 'swatting' incidents we often investigate."

Out of an abundance of caution, Newtown Police stated they "performed a thorough check of the school and area surrounding the school to ensure that nothing suspicious or out of the ordinary had occurred."

"We would like to thank our Officers and Board of Education staff for their quick action and consistent professionalism in acting on our Emergency procedures," stated the release.

Original story:

Newtown Police officers have been at Sandy Hook School since 9:15 this morning, having responded to the school after being alerted to potential security issue.

The school initially went into lockdown mode, and police began searching the building soon after.

The status was quickly changed to Safe School Mode, as indicated by a message issued by Superintendent of Schol Chris Melillo.

The superintendent alerted parents through phone systems and email that staff and students were safe, and that "a short time ago the Newtown police department received a threatening message which made reference to Sandy Hook School. As a precaution Sandy Hook School is placed in safe school mode which means that no one is allowed in the building or out of the building in the completed. ... [police] are currently at Sandy Hook School conducting an investigation."

The message to parents also indicated that no other buildings have been impacted.

Superintendent Chris Melillo concluded the message by reiterating that "all students and staff are safe."

This story is still developing. We will offer updates as they become available.

A Newtown Police Department officer stands at the end of the driveway to Sandy Hook Elementary School on Thursday, November 30. Police officers responded to the school around 9:15 am after being alerted to a security concern. —Bee Photo, Tanzer
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  1. rugergranny says:

    Thank you for updating the TRUE story after you caused severe anxiety and panic jumping to a false narrative. Journalism should be based on facts and investigative work, not scrambling to be the first with a headline. You have an important job to inform society with accurate information. Live up to that and perhaps your ratings would go up.

  2. newtown29 says:

    People need to cut back on coffee and stay off social media if they are that sensitive or triggered based on a debatable arrant word choice. The Bee was trying to keep the community aware of a breaking situation as it was unfolding and was reporting based on what was being communicated by the superintendent and schools. They have also since apologized for any panic caused.

    1. rugergranny says:

      The Bee is now categorized as social media. That explains why the disinformation. Reported by schools and superintendent?? Calling the Bee is not their priority, especially in this type of situation. Do you have children or grandchildren in Sandy Hook? Did you experience the horrific day of December 14, 2012 personally? I did and do. Debating an over zealous choice of words was once know as healthy debate. Today you are cancelled because it doesn’t fit your narrative. You can try, but won’t succeed. Bless your heart!

      1. newtown29 says:

        Yes I do actually have a child that goes to Sandy Hook School, but instead of ranking or comparing the impact that horrific day had on us and the community, let’s focus on condemning the actions of this vile person for making threats. Unfortunately in our polarized society now there is this quick reaction to vilify the media versus speaking out against the actual wrongdoing. The Bee was doing the best they could to report on what was unfolding which we are fortunate enough to have in our town.

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