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Teachers And Their Union Are Out Of Touch



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Teachers And Their Union

Are Out Of Touch

To the Editor:

As I read the article on the Board of Education hearing [“Teachers, School Supporters Dominate Budget Hearing,” page 1, 2/27/09], I couldn’t help getting more enraged with every line. The pleas by teachers, school administrators, etc were the same tired old arguments that totally ignore the reality of today’s economy.

I was especially angered over Tisha McCoy’s statement that cutting her salary was “cutting my family’s salary.” It shows just how out of touch the teachers and their union are. Apparently, they reside in that alternate universe inhabited by bank and automaker CEOs, corporate executives, and the rest of their ilk. Well, here’s a little dose of reality: My husband and I have both had our hours and pay cut recently to the tune of over $200 per week. We are making nearly $1,000 per month less than two months ago. So, I have no more money to give you Ms. McCoy (although I did find two quarters stuck together at the bottom of my washer that I think I can part with, if you want). If Ms McCoy had any clue to what is going on around her, she would be embarrassed by that pathetic attempt to cop sympathy from the many taxpayers who would love to have her job security. Even in my situation, I would be appalled to ask that exceptions be made for me knowing others don’t have any jobs at all.

I have two children in the Newtown school system. I have voted No on every budget referendum for the last three years. I also voted against the additional $6 million requested for the high school expansion. I reject the usual scare tactics the school officials love to throw at parents to guilt them into voting for budgets they can’t afford. Their claim that their only interest is for the students’ welfare is a bit disingenuous when they accept salary increases while school programs get cut. Therefore, I will continue to vote No until I see at the very least a moratorium on pay raises for teachers and other school officials. The taxpayers who pay their salaries aren’t getting raises so why should they?

I would’ve loved to have been in attendance at that meeting Wednesday night to say all of the above directly to all those present. They don’t intimidate me. But I couldn’t because I had to work. And I hope not one additional dime that I earn goes to the Board of Ed.

School officials and teachers, it is time that you “pierce the veil” and enter the universe of reality once again! You’ve been gone so long that I suspect the Newtown taxpayers will welcome you back with open arms.

Allison Bloom

19 Greenbriar Lane, Newtown                                       March 1, 2009

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