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'The Wonderful World Of Lichens'



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‘The Wonderful World Of Lichens’

DERBY — Lichens are curious plants that are part fungus and part alga or cyanobacteria existing in a symbiotic relationship. They grow on trees, rocks, boulders and soil, and also form the dominant vegetation over eight percent of the earth’s terrestrial surface.

Lichens are often the first to settle in places lacking soil and help to build up sufficient organic matter that eventually allows vascular plants to establish themselves. Lichens have been used to produce natural dyes, as food sources, as potential antibiotics, and most recently as bioindicators of air quality. 

Naugatuck Valley Audubon and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) will host an introductory lecture titled “The Wonderful World of Lichens” at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, April 17, at Kellogg Environmental Center.

Barbara and Peter Rzasa will discuss different lichen forms and structures, their ecology, habitat requirements, and ancient and modern uses.

Lichens have quite a different appearance when viewed under a hand lens where one can observe beautiful pixie cups, disks, and coral-like shrubs, so several specimens will be available for viewing through a stereo-microscope. This presentation is appropriate for ages 10 through adult. Registration is requested.

The Kellogg Environmental Center, a facility of the Connecticut DEEP, is at 500 Hawthorne Avenue, off Route 34. A donation of $4 for per adults and $2 per student or child is requested. Light refreshments will be served after the meeting.

For further information, directions or to register, call 203-734-2513 or contact Dennis Kocyla at 203-734-9325 or dennisk32@yahoo.com.

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