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Union Savings Bank Donate To Children's Adventure Center



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Union Savings Bank Donate

 To Children’s Adventure Center

The Union Savings Bank Foundation has awarded a $3,677 grant to the Children’s Adventure Center of Newtown.

The grant was used to purchase a computer center, a washer and dryer, and a wall-mounted cabinet.

“The board and staff are enormously thrilled to get this grant,” said Florence Rubinstein, head teacher for the center. “Our children can hardly wait to get the new Little Tykes computer center and, mundane as it may seem, our center cannot function without a washer and dryer. We are very appreciative.”

Mae Schmidle, chairman of the center’s board of directors, said the computer center will be an integral part of the daycare center’s program.

“The mission of the Children’s Adventure Center is to provide quality childcare in a safe, loving environment. Here we nurture a child’s individual growth and development by structuring their environment so that they are able to experience many different ways of learning and enjoying learning. Our goal is to aid children in their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development,” she said.

The childcare center has a maximum enrollment of 60 students; currently it serves 58.

“Union Savings Bank’s history of supporting and assisting organizations that make substantial contributions to local communities is well known,” she added, “as well as USB President Charles Frosch’s supportive efforts on behalf of local non-profit organizations. We are very grateful and thankful.”

Mr Frosch said the bank created the foundation to provide an adequate level of funding for worthy endeavors no matter what the economic conditions currently may be.

“This is the third round of donations,” he said. “We believe it is an important part of our responsibilities.”

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