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Nearly $8,000 Handed Over-Newtown Woman's Club Donations Boost Many Community Groups



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Nearly $8,000 Handed Over—

Newtown Woman’s Club Donations

Boost Many Community Groups

By Dottie Evans

It has been a year of fun and fundraising for approximately 80 members of the Newtown Woman’s Club (GFWC) Inc under the guidance of 2003-04 president Barbara Krausz.

That effort culminated successfully on June 1 with the handing over of club donations in the form of checks to several local service organizations and community groups.

“We’re proud of the hard work that went into this, and we thank our membership and the greater Newtown community for coming through,” said Ms Krausz as she handed over a number of checks to various individuals who were representing their organizations.

As is their custom, the woman’s club membership cast weighted votes in April to determine which of Newtown’s many service groups would receive the top donations. The two top vote getters were Kevin’s Community Center and Newtown Ambulance, according to Cynthia H. Scheibel of the Newtown Woman’s Club finance committee.

“We have $7,950 to be donated, and based upon the final tally, these were the top two. Kevin’s Community Center and Newtown Ambulance will each receive a check for $1,700. These were followed by Hospice Newtown Chapter [$1,300], Newtown Meals On Wheels [$1,000], and FAITH Food Pantry [$750].”

In her finance committee statement, Ms Scheibel explained that in September 2003, when members first voted on the budget, it was decided that a set amount of money ($1,000) would also be given to the Cyrenius Booth Library, independent of the voting process at the end of the year.

Other groups were voted on and will receive the following amounts: Connecticut Canine Search and Rescue ($500), Newtown Woman’s Club Scholarship ($1,000), combined fire departments ($350), Newtown Summer Festival ($100), Arthritis Foundation ($100), CARE-International Aid ($100), GFWC/CT Memorial Scholarships ($100), GFWC Woman’s Resource Center ($100), Hugh O’Brian (HOBY) ($175), Special Olympics ($100), Veterans ($150), and Newtown Tercentennial ($500).

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