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Embrace Electric Vehicles, Protect The Planet



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To the Editor:

I’ve just watched David Attenborough’s latest beautiful Netflix film, Escape from Extinction. Unlike Attenborough, I’m an ordinary citizen, yet like him, I’m concerned with our warming planet and willing to do my part so that our future isn’t so hot and bereft of wildlife that it’s unbearably uncomfortable.

So I bought a hybrid car and I plug it in. I’d go full electric if there were more ports to recharge with.

To get more ports we need more people with electric vehicles (EVs).

To get more buyers of electric vehicles we need more sellers who advocate for them and sell them.

However, dealers get a higher commission on cars that have fancier do-dahs and/or do dads.

If we could purchase directly from the makers (Like Elon Musk), perhaps more people would be more convinced that EVs would save them money and save the planet, too.

Let’s counter-lobby the car dealerships so that more electric vehicles, more recharging ports, more happy EV owners, and more direct purchases happen, and we get to exist in a world less fraught with carbon emissions that heat up our atmosphere.

Attenborough also suggests that we become vegetarians so that our wildlife has a place to breed, and that we care for beleaguered countries, so that like Japan we reach zero population growth. The beauty of Attenborough’s photography suggests that those are great goals; but for now let’s concentrate on EVs.


Patricia Barkman

49 Taunton Lake Road, Newtown June 18, 2021

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  1. saxon9075 says:

    But what do you do, when as happened today, (6/21/21) California State Energy Officials asked people to not charge their vehicles because of high energy demand ? The infrastructure is just not there.

  2. qstorm says:

    EVs represent another government transfer of wealth. Who pays for the tax incentives that lower the purchase price? Tax payers! Who pays to maintain the roads EVs ride on? Gasoline tax payers! EV owners pay $38 for 2-year DMV registration fee while gas engine drivers pay $80? Who makes up the difference? Tax payers. You are welcome.

  3. dennis brestovansky says:

    I am neither pro- nor anti- electric vehicles. I do believe the picture is a bit more complex than painted in this letter. If fossil fuel based plants are used to generate the power used to charge EV batteries, the emissions from those plants must be mitigated or there may be no net difference in carbon emissions. Heavy metals and rare earth metals are used in EV batteries and magnets – effectively concentrating those metals in the parts. Proper disposal is essential. Also, the mining of these metals may present challenges from toxic and radioactive elements that are co-extracted. These are important considerations.

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