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Top Five NewtownBee.com Stories July 11 To 17



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Each week we compile a list of some of the most-read stories published at newtownbee.com. Here is a roundup of the week’s recent top stories, based on the number of page reads.

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“Rosenthal’s Re-Election Bid And New Party Affiliation, Crick Owen Democratic Running Mate,” by Jim Taylor, published July 16. First Selectman Dan Rosenthal and his two-term running mate, Selectman Maureen Crick Owen, will be seeking third terms this November. However, this run will see Rosenthal doing so not as a Democrat, but as a member of the Serve America Movement (SAM), which will require him to petition his name onto the local ballot. Crick Owen said she will retain her party affiliation and run as a Democrat. Read more at newtownbee.com/07162021/rosenthals-re-election-bid-and-new-party-affiliation-crick-owen-democrati.

“Newtown Delegation Unanimously, Resoundingly Rejects Continuing Lamont’s Emergency Powers,” by John Voket, published July 15. Democratic State Representative Raghib Allie-Brennan, whose Second District includes several neighborhoods in western Newtown, joined GOP Newtown delegation colleagues Mitch Bolinsky (R-106), Tony Scott (R-112), and Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) voting against extending Governor Ned Lamont’s emergency powers, which are set to expire on July 20. Read more at newtownbee.com/07152021/newtown-delegation-unanimously-resoundingly-rejects-continuing-lamonts-em.

“Invasive Plant Removal Takes Place At Hawley Pond,” by Alissa Silber, published July 11. Those driving by Ram Pasture in the days following the Fourth of July may have noticed a unique-looking boat cruising around Hawley Pond. Read more at newtownbee.com/07112021/invasive-plant-removal-takes-place-at-hawley-pond.

“Newtown’s 70-Year-Old Bat Girl Relates Whirlwind Experience With New York Yankees,” by Andy Hutchison, published July 12. More than a half century, an original Yankee Stadium renovation (and eventual replacement), nine World Series titles, and who knows how many shattered bats later, Newtown resident Gwen Goldman finally realized her dream of being a New York Yankees bat girl. Read more at newtownbee.com/07122021/newtowns-70-year-old-bat-girl-relates-whirlwind-experience-with-new-york-yankees.

“For The Love Of Gardening: Tools Of The Trade,” by Sydney Eddison, published July 14. A lifelong gardener reflects on the tools she reaches for when gardening. Read more at newtownbee.com/07142021/for-the-love-of-gardening-tools-of-the-trade.

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