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To the Editor:



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To the Editor:

I would like to take a moment to share with Newtown an experience I had with our State Representative Christopher Lyddy.

I have lived in a private community on Sugar Street for many years. Over the past four years our neighborhood has been suffering with contaminated drinking water in our housing complex. After many unsuccessful attempts to get cooperation from our management company, without satisfactory results, I decided to seek assistance in how to get this problem resolved and who better to call then our State Representative Christopher Lyddy.

Mr Lyddy was readily available and without hesitation, spoke with me. He listened carefully and compassionately to my concerns.

Mr Lyddy contacted the State Department of Health and the Newtown Health District along with the management company. In a short amount of time Mr Lyddy reported back to me with confirmation that the water had been tested and is within the level of drinking standards. Mr Lyddy followed up his findings in a personal letter addressed to each one of the tenants in my complex with the state standards report (along with his contact number and email address) should there be any further questions. He put us at ease in knowing the problem has been addressed and corrected.

Our community thanks Christopher Lyddy for his compassion toward the people of Newtown and his attention to detail. He gets the job done.

I encourage you to join me in supporting the reelection of our State Representative Christopher Lyddy for the up coming election.

He’s the only choice for our voice!

Marty Corbett

55 Sugar Street, Newtown                                            August 3, 2010

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