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Tim Gavin Will Keep Us Safe



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This election cycle, there’s a lot of talk about safety.

To me, safety means making sure our gun laws are strong, protecting our reproductive rights, keeping the internet safe for our kids, and providing for our most vulnerable neighbors. With the federal government stuck in constant gridlock and the Supreme Court striking down our rights, we must rely upon our State level officials to protect our most important rights.

That is why I’ll be voting for Tim Gavin this November 8th.

Captain Tim Gavin, the State Senate candidate for the district that includes Newtown, is exactly the type of Senator we need. His youth, energy, and experience mean he will approach every challenge with optimism and a can-do attitude. He is a proven leader; while he was a Captain in the US Army, he commanded over 50 soldiers. Tim knows first-hand the dangers of semi-automatic weapons when placed in the hands of untrained civilians.

Tim attended Yale University and graduated with a degree in ethics, which has guided him in his career in internet safety. As your State Senator, he is determined to craft first-in-the-nation legislation which will introduce guard rails for social media companies, so that you and I can be confident big tech companies aren’t abusing our information or taking advantage of vulnerable populations with predatory algorithms.

Tim Gavin will prioritize us, our needs, and our safety so that we can continue to enjoy life here in Connecticut with the confidence that someone is looking out for us. We need a Senator who is ready to step up to the challenge. Join me in voting for Captain Tim Gavin, a leader with a vision and plan of action, on November 8th.

Thank you.

Betsy Litt


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  1. qstorm says:

    The Supreme Court’s job is to ensure that Constitution is adhered to. Anything not specifically written in the Constitution is up to the states to deal with legislatively. Anything that IS specifically written in the Constitution is outside the realm of the states to legislate. Recent SC rulings simply followed the Constitution and corrected previous misinterpretations and reinforced the rights specificed in the text.

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