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Eat, Drink, And Meet & Greet



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As surely as the leaves show their true colors in autumn, the weeks leading up to election day in November will surely find candidates for local offices working diligently to get their names out there, to be vocal about positions on areas of interest to voters, and to find ways to differentiate themselves from their competition.

This year’s municipal elections include a host of well-known and less-known candidates, all vying for positions on the many boards and commissions vital to the best governing of our town. Board of Education; Board of Finance; Legislative Council Districts 1, 2, and 3; Board of Assessment Appeals; Planning & Zoning and Planning & Zoning Alternates; Zoning Board of Appeals and Alternates; the Police Commission; and Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers all have openings, and all have residents eager to fill those positions. The election of officials to serve in these capacities is a process to be taken seriously — and a well-informed public makes wise decisions.

Even in a town as small as Newtown, though, it is hard to know everybody and get a handle on who can best fill those seats. We receive dozens of letters of endorsement each election season at The Newtown Bee and are happy to share them on our Hive pages. Still, sorting out the candidates’ positions on important issues from the glowing reviews is a challenge.

What’s a voter to do?

Face-to-face meetings with candidates can be one of the best ways to get a feel for who a person truly is — to see their true colors, one might say. The Newtown Bee is offering just that opportunity on Monday evening, October 7. Join us and many of the candidates at Reverie Brewing Company, 57 B Church Hill Road, from 6 to 8 pm, for a special Meet & Greet. This casual approach pivots from our usual election year forums at Edmond Town Hall, where prospects are peppered with prepared questions submitted by readers and our editorial staff.

A brief introduction of the participants will kick off the evening, then the public is free to approach and chat with any — or all — of those running for public office. Whether you decide to prepare questions for any particular candidate or simply go with the flow and see where it takes you is up to you.

Stop by for ten minutes, stop by for two hours. Enjoy a piece of pizza on us, and Reverie’s craft brews will be available for purchase. Mingle with neighbors; listen; and most importantly, learn: learn who will earn your vote on November 5 when you go to the polls.

If a verbal promise, a question satisfactorily answered, or a solid handshake is what seals the deal for you, The Newtown Bee Meet & Greet is setting the stage for an evening of information. We welcome you to be a part of it — no RSVP needed!

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