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In Good Hands With Lundquist



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To the Editor:

All residents of this community will greatly benefit by Paul Lundquist’s reelection to the Legislative Council, District 1 in November. Paul is completing his fourth term, the last two of which he has been chairman, a well-deserved honor.

Paul will continue to make education, public safety, and road maintenance three priorities while on the council. He is the father of two children, one a graduate of Newtown Public Schools (and current sophomore at UConn) and the other a student at Newtown Middle School. Paul will continue to advocate for Newtown’s schools. He has helped demonstrate that Newtown’s community needs/interests and municipal goals can be met through appropriate funding and sound fiscal policy. Paul has served on the Council’s Education Committee and Finance & Administration Committee.

One of Paul’s greatest strengths is his exceptional ability to be a reasonable and rational thinker. He is adept at synthesizing facts and identifying commonalities of opinion across diverse perspectives. A research professional by day, Paul always endeavors to base decisions on facts and data.

Paul created and implemented the Survey of Newtown Residents, “The Way Things Are in Newtown” back in 2007/08. He volunteered his time and his firm’s resources to survey a statistically representative sample of Newtown households on a range of topics. Paul provided insight and guidance to municipal leadership.

Paul’s many accomplishments in Newtown include: serving on the Municipal Building Strategic Plan Committee, representing the Legislative Council (2015-16); participating in the Fairfield Hills Master Plan Amendment Work Group (2012-13) and Master Plan Review Committee (2010-11); and acting as co-chairman of the Board of Education and Municipal Facilities Management subcommittee.

Newtown’s future will surely be in good hands with Paul Lundquist’s input in our local government. Please vote for him in November.

Gina and Scott Wolfman

30 Obtuse Road, Newtown October 22, 2019

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