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Halloween 2018: A Monster Of A Crowd On Main Street



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With an autumn sun sinking low, hauntings began before dark Wednesday afternoon, October 31. Stretching shadows covered front lawns on Main Street where residents waited for the evening’s monster swarm.

Minutes away from sunset, the annual flood of trick-or-treaters began.

Scary and colorfully clad children shuffled into queues for candy. Front stoops decorated for the night welcomed more than a thousand guests as a steady parade marched door-to-door for several hours, until candy ran out.

Lined up by the front door in serving trays were piles of candy — back up bags ready — at Main Street resident John Madzula’s house. He, like most other homeowners between Main’s intersections of Currituck Road and Glover Avenue, prepared for an evening of endless visitors seeking sweets and treats. Many front stoops dangled with spider webs, orange lights, and decorations as children stepped past faux headstones and skeletons on their way to the front door.

At 5:30 pm, one “dinosaur” stood heads above the others lined up in front of 35 Main Street, itching for his sugar fix.

Tess Gillette and her son Colton Schwerin, dressed as Nibbles the Book Monster, worked their way down Main Street. Caryn Fletcher, despite her witchy ways, handed candy to the crowd stopping at 46 Main Street.

Michelle and Michael Ferrara — decked out as salty fries and delicious ketchup — marched up to the door at 60 Main, waiting for a treat.

Debra Mennona of Dental Associates cast spells for healthy teeth on the children who rushed along the sidewalk where she waited, tooth fairy wand waving. One of many dogs dressed for the evening, Trudy, wore a suit of coffee and doughnuts and her “mom” Ellie Carrizzo was a box of doughnuts this Halloween. There can never be too many tooth fairies. Dr Baum’s own sparkling white witch Wendy Devereaux waved her wand topped with a molar.

“Frozen” in their movie costumes were Donna Dimuzio, Katie Korres, and Erica Silva outside Newtown Savings Bank. And mixing up her holidays was Julie VanderKroef, dressed as Santa and out for a walk with her dog.

Crowds gathered outside one front door after another for several hours. Main Street resident Jim Gaston stood on his stoop across from the C.H. Booth Library, watching all the funny costumes from Fred Flintstone to Superman walk by. The Balcony House near the flagpole is another favorite stop for trick-or-treaters.

Familiar faces, from Parks and Recreation Director Amy Mangold to Community Center Director Matt Ariniello were handing out candy this year. Boo!

Debra Mennona of Dental Associates was transformed into the Tooth Fairy, tempting children with tooth-friendly treats. —Bee Photo, Bobowick
Kim Chiappetta, a bloody vampire, was generous to the large crowd passing by her house this year. —Bee Photo, Bobowick
Ayla Fiala welcomed little devils, monsters, and super heroes for a taste of candy at 49 Main. —Bee Photo, Bobowick
Dinosaurs are sugar-lovers too. Lining the walkway to 35 Main Street costumes large and small included one dinosaur hunting for candy.--Bee Photo, Bobowick
Although not in costume, Tala received plenty of pets at the Dental Associates venue on Halloween. —Bee Photo, Bobowick
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