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Judit DeStefano For Legislative Council



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To The Editor:

I am writing this letter to endorse Judit DeStefano for reelection to the Newtown Legislative Council. Judit has been devoted to serving our community on the Legislative Council for four years now. Her experience will be critical in some of the important upcoming decisions in Newtown, from capital planning through policy setting. Judit has continually displayed her passion to deliver improvements in Newtown, including her roles as vice chair of the Ordinance Committee and chair of the Municipal Operations committee.

Judit DeStefano values the Newtown Public School system. She is committed to delivering value for our tax dollars. She is a good listener, expresses an opinion, and is responsive. I personally appreciate the fact that she always responds to any inquiry that I may have. Not only that, she takes the next step to action. On multiple occasions, I have brought up safety concerns that I have observed, and they were addressed. I have the utmost faith that Judit will continue to exhibit those qualities of serving her constituents.

Please consider joining me on November 5th by casting a vote to reelect Judit DeStefano to the Newtown Legislative Council.


Aaron Carlson

2 Old Farm Hill Road, Newtown October 30, 2019

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