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NHS Computer Science Honor Society Holds Induction



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Newtown High School’s National Computer Science Honor Society hosted an induction ceremony in the school’s Lecture Hall the evening of November 1.

Current NHS National Computer Science Honor Society members attended the event, along with Board of Education Chair Deborra Zukowski, Superintendent of Schools Chris Melillo, NHS Principal Dr Kimberly Longobucco, and students’ family members.

This marked the second year the group held an induction ceremony. The NHS National Computer Science Honor Society is one of three National Computer Science Honor Societies in the state, according to club advisor and NHS computer science teacher Kristin Violette.

“It is a great honor to be accepted into the [Computer Science Honor Society],” student inductee Julia Camman said. “I’m excited to learn from this group and help show the importance of coding to the younger students. After learning to code I realized how much I loved doing it, which made me change my whole career path. I love coding and being proud of what I created. I want the younger students to also be proud as they learn to code.”

Fellow NHS National Computer Science Honor Society inductee Grace Fischer said, “It was great to be a part of such an intelligent group of students. Being one of the few female inductees inspired me to represent all of the females in the STEM world. The induction opened my eyes to all of the possibilities I may have in the future of computer science.”

And current NHS National Computer Science Honor Society member Elijah Williams said, “It felt great to support the new members at the induction. One message I would like to leave these new inductees with is, the impact that you can have on the youth is as small or large as you want. The [Computer Science Honor Society] has now become your tool to create your impact on the youth, so maximize your opportunity.”

Current members of the NHS National Computer Science Honor Society are Jackson Baimel, Leah Crebbin, Adam Dissa, Aadit Jerfy, Brooke Kinsey, Max Luci-Bernard, Grace Miller, Peter Savinelli, Dominic Simpri, Sam Steare, Nick Tetreault, Richard Wilford, Elijah Williams, and Siddharth Vakacherla.

Inductees into the society are Racheal Albrecht, Ryan Anderson, David Baghdady, Hayden Bobowick, Julia Camman, Grace Fischer, Declan Hsieh, Evan Johnson, Jared Ku, Erin Marshall, Gabriel Petertonjes, Noah Smith, Alex Steimel, and Sam Stoltz.

NHS Computer Science Honor Society members and inductees stand together at the November 1 induction ceremony held in the school’s Lecture Hall.
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