Deborra Zukowski For Board Of Education

Published: October 17, 2017 at 12:00 am


To the Editor:

It is with great pleasure and a privilege that I endorse Deborra Zukowski. Membership on the Board Of Education is one of the most important positions that the citizens of Newtown must carefully consider. The expansion of student capabilities is definitely dependent on the establishment and implementation of the latest advances in technology and procedures by members of the board while helping restructure the GPA procedures for the high school. Therefore, it is extremely important that we elect members to the Board Of Education that can identify, revise, and construct new policies and procedures to assure that our students are receiving the very best possible education in a highly competitive environment.

As an MIT graduate, and dedicated volunteer, she recognizes that a quality education starts with local administrations and giving back what she has received is as important as the high-quality education she received. Being committed to the basic principle of quality in education, she has dedicated her life to advancing the principles that will increase the results of our educational system. It is to our benefit to take advantage of her education, experiences, and commitment. She has constantly cooperated with all political parties, recognizing that the betterment of education is more important than partisanship. If you have a good idea and propose it, she will support you.

As a member of the Fairfield Hills Review Committee and Charter Revision Committee, Deborra has demonstrated that she is conscientious, considerate, fair-minded, hard working, honest, intelligent, reliable, and resourceful. These characteristics will exceptionally serve the needs of our youth today and provide them with the necessary components to become future leaders. As a result, it is extremely important that Deborra be elected to the Board Of Education. Your voice and particularly your vote for Deborra will guarantee that our students will continue to receive the very best education in Newtown, Connecticut.

For Newtown, fill in the oval and write in "Deb Z" on square 14D.

Nancy and Albert Roznicki
169 Hanover Road, Newtown          October 17, 2017


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