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Eichler's Cove Beach Open Today

Published: August 09, 2018 at 12:00 am


Following an on-site check by a representative from the Town Land Use agency, Newtown Health District has given the go-ahead for the beach at Eichler's Cove to open today.

The swimming area was closed to the public late Wednesday afternoon after an apparent growth of blue-green algae bloom was found at the Old Bridge Road location.

Health District Director Donna Culbert told The Newtown Bee Thursday morning that her department is partnered with the land use agency "for the visual checking of the water for BG algae."

Routine samples were collected on Wednesday for bacteria testing, according to Ms Culbert.

"Those results, which were read this morning, were good," she said. "We advised Parks & Rec that they are OK to open today.

"It will be important to keep an eye on the water as the BG algae can 'bloom,'" she further cautioned.

Residents are reminded that the pool at Treadwell Park, 39 Philo Curtis Road, is also available for swimming.Town-issued passes are required for either location.

Current hours for both facilities are 11 am-8 pm Monday and Wednesday; 11 am-7 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; and 10 am-7 pm Saturday and Sunday. Hours will change on August 20.

For additional information contact Newtown Health District at 203-270-4291 or Newtown Parks & Recreation at 203-270-4340.


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