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Police Commission Reviews Traffic Issues

Published: June 25, 2018 at 12:00 am


Police Commission members reviewed a range of traffic issues at their June 11 session, considering ways to resolve traffic problems at several places in town. The five-member elected agency serves as the local traffic authority, addressing traffic flow and parking issues.

Resident Jed Costello of 132 Taunton Hill Road told Police Commission members that his house lies near the edge of Taunton Hill Road where "No one is going 25" miles per hour, which is the posted speed limit. The property is on the section of Taunton Hill Road lying between its intersections with Boulder Creek Road and Wedgewood Court.

Taunton Hill Road is functioning as a "pass-through road" for drivers traveling through the area, Mr Costello said. He asked that the commission have Taunton Hill Road posted with traffic signage stating "No Through Trucks" to reduce truck traffic on the narrow, scenic, curving roadway.

Police Chief James Viadero responded that a police officer specializing in traffic enforcement is studying traffic flow on Taunton Hill Road, among other local roads, to determine whether they would qualify for such traffic signage.

"If it qualifies for 'No Through Trucks' [signage], we'll post it" with such signs, Chief Viadero said.

Police are conducting radar-based speed enforcement on Taunton Hill Road, the chief added.

Taunton Hill Road has been experiencing heavier traffic than in the past in view of construction projects in Hawleyville, the police chief said. Taunton Hill Road connects Hawleyville to Dodgingtown.

Police Commission member Joan Plouffe noted that traffic traveling on Taunton Hill Road makes it a difficult place for pedestrians to walk in the summertime. Ms Plouffe lives on Sturges Road, a side street extending from Taunton Hill Road.

In another matter, Police Commission members approved having "No Parking" signs posted along both sides of the eastbound leg of the forked West Street, which lies just south of the Newtown Meeting House. Parking in that area has caused some traffic flow problems.

Also, commission members approved having "No Parking" signs installed along both sides of Robin Hill Road in the area near its intersection with Sugar Street. The popularity of Ferris Acres Creamery at 144 Sugar Street has resulted in motorists seeking places to park off the premises when the ice cream stand's parking lot is full of patrons' vehicles.

Chief Viadero said police are reviewing ways that the off-street parking capacity at the Creamery can be expanded to alleviate parking issues posed by motorists who park along nearby roadways.

In another traffic matter, Chief Viadero said he soon hopes to learn what funding is available for the installation of permanent electronic signage on Toddy Hill Road designed to alert motorists of their travel speed, as compared of the posted speed limit. Police have long had mobile electronic speed signage posted there in response to residents' complaints about a chronic speeding problem on Toddy Hill Road, which links Sandy Hook to Botsford.

Also, Ms Plouffe and commission member Scott Cicciari were named to serve on a study committee that will research the issue of line striping on local roadways.


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