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Proposed Budget Reductions



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Proposed Budget


As passed by the school board before moving forward in the budget process, the 2010-2011 school budget contained reductions from the current school year.

Options the school board deliberated, but did not decide on, were introduced during its meeting on March 16. Those options include possible reductions the board could decide on to meet further cuts.

During the Legislative Council’s Education Subcommittee meeting on Tuesday, March 23, Superintendent of Schools Janet Robinson explained budget cuts passed by the school board reflected different reasons, including fluctuating enrollment numbers.

School Board Approved Reductions

Reductions made at Hawley elementary school are one first grade teacher and one classroom educational assistant.

At Sandy Hook School one second grade teacher and one part-time kindergarten position were taken from the budget.

At Middle Gate one education assistant was removed.

Head O’ Meadow had one first grade teacher, one second grade teacher, and three education assistants removed.

Reed Intermediate School reductions were one music teacher, one physical education teacher, one requested position for a part-time math education assistant, and a requested extra math class.

At Newtown Middle School one Spanish teacher, a requested guidance specialist, a requested extra math class, a requested part-time math education assistant, and a decrease in library secretarial hours from 49 hours to 40 hours.

Reductions at Newtown High School were two requested positions for teaching positions, one requested secretarial position, one requested custodial position, and one requested maintenance mechanic position.

At the Board of Education Central Office, the director of transportation position was eliminated along with the reworking/reduction of the accounting supervisor position.

For Continuing Education one summer school nurse was removed from the budget.

More Options

As presented by Dr Robinson to the school board on March 16, ideas for further reductions to the proposed budget to meet the $2.5 million Board of Finance reduction to the budget increase would remove another 14 certified positions and more.

At Sandy Hook one teacher is slated for reduction in the options.

Middle Gate would have two teachers eliminated from the budget.

One teacher at Head O’ Meadow would be removed.

Reed Intermediate school would loose after school activities and two classroom teachers.

At Newtown Middle School four classroom teachers, or one seventh grade cluster, the family and consumer science teacher and course, one computer teacher and after school activities could be removed in the options.

Newtown High School could have the reduction of one art teacher and one requested position for a health education teacher.

A nurse position at St Rose of Lima School could be removed with the options.

In the technology department one technology specialist would be removed.

And in the transportation department one bus driver could be eliminated.

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