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Voices In The Dark By Maureen Will



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To the Editor:

As the director of communications, I would like to publicly express my thanks to the dispatching staff at the Newtown Emergency Communications Center.  The week of April 10th through 16th is National Telecommunications Week and during that time we honor Telecommunicators across the country for the job that they do.  Telecommunicators (dispatchers) are the voice in the dark - unsung heroes if you will, the voice of calm during the storm.

The staff at the NECC in my humble opinion are exceptional - they work days and nights / holidays and weekends / birthdays and anniversaries - during storms and beautiful weather they are there.  More often than not they receive no thanks or recognition for the jobs that they do - answering your call during an emergency, giving you life saving instruction and at the same time ensuring that the Police, Fire and EMS are dispatched.  They make sure the responders are safe so that we all can go home at the end of a shift.

Telecommunicators are the Thin Gold Line - that line that lies between the Blue and Red (Police / Fire and EMS) - we are not recognized as First Responders (yet) but we do the job and my staff does is very well.  Jen - Jamie - Liz - Ryan - Claudia - Kevin - John - Michelle - Dan and John F - thank you for your dedication and commitment to the citizens of the Town of Newtown and the service that you provide to my hometown.  Happy Telecommunications Week.

Maureen Will

Communications Director

Newtown Emergency Communications Center

3 Main Street, Newtown         April 4, 2016

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