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Each year, The Newtown Bee offers a few thoughts to consider to the transitioning Senior Class of Newtown High School, along with seniors attending other schools in the area, or who are reaching the end of their homeschool education.

First and foremost, Newtown is proud of you. We have said it before in this space, but reiterate that the good things you do in and for the community — even if it is simply by being thoughtful, conscientious, and responsible young citizens, friends, and family members — should also inspire you to be proud of yourselves.

While high school graduation is a turning point, marking a new chapter in your young lives and unveiling a future full of promise and potential, it is also the culmination of countless achievements amassed over your elementary, middle and secondary school years you can be equally proud of.

And while high school graduation means leaving behind a legacy of achievements, accomplishments, and memories with classmates behind, it is also the opening of the rest of the world to graduates. And the best part is, there is no script, no set path that is so trodden that all must follow — there is nothing but infinite possibilities.

The graduating class of 2024 has no set path before it, but many paths that can lead to potential success and happiness. That path will be different for each member of the class, and there is no right or wrong answer. There may be a few paths that end up not being everything you want them to be, but even just the experience of following that path is worth having, even if it doesn’t work out. We always learn more from missteps than we do from success.

Put your whole self out there. Don’t let the world or anyone in it develop an opinion of you or a sense of who you are solely based on how you appear on a screen. Grab onto life with strong hands, live it with a good heart, and pursue your dreams with a clear sense of purpose.

As you move through life, find a way to be curious and excited about everyone you meet, especially those who may have different ideas or opinions than yours. Accepting those who do not talk, or think, or act, or look just like you will open your eyes to a greater life experience. You will benefit greatly from embracing the differences in others much more than if you seek to immerse yourself in recurring familiar situations with people whose thoughts and attitudes are just like yours.

Finally, never hesitate to let yourself shine. Find things you love; things that propel you out of bed in the morning; things you do well and that make you feel good — then, do them bravely, boldly, and audaciously.

As always, we wish the Class of 2024 the absolute best, all the successes and joys, and a bright, bright future.

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