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Western Connecticut Hamfest Sets Frequencies To Fun



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Everyone was on the same wavelength as amateur radio enthusiasts from all over the area gathered at the Edmond Town Hall on August 26 for the annual Western Connecticut Hamfest.

The event, presented by the Candlewood Amateur Radio Association, kicked off at 8 am and lasted until 12:30 pm.

Attendees were encouraged to take part in a VE session (ham radio exam), fall ARES Forum, and talk-in on CARA Repeater. The forum, hosted by the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, was the seasonal gathering for radio operators who work for towns to get radio transmissions out in times of emergency. The talk-in allowed licensed radio operators to listen to and/or speak with those who were already on site at the hamfest.

There were also demonstrations, tailgating, refreshments, raffles, and door prizes.

More than a dozen vendors parked in the town hall’s lower back parking lot and displayed items on tables in front of their cars. At the swap meet, purveyors like Craig Ross of Danbury sold a variety of different radios to people interested in expanding their collection.

Many ham radio fans visiting the Western Connecticut Hamfest came out specifically for the community and friendly atmosphere that the event naturally brings.

Rob Nebel of Greenwich, whose call sign is NLALF, gathered with a group of friends at the event, along with former Newtown resident Larry Lovell (N1YBA).

Also on site at the 2018 Western Connecticut Hamfest were musicians James Surprenant (AB1DQ) and Richard Pizzoferrato (K1RSU). The two are part of a Hamband, and they performed different songs with their accordions for attendees passing by.

Mr Surprenant said they are both affiliated with multiple radio clubs and enjoy coming out to the event every year to entertain guests.

For information about the Western Connecticut Hamfest, hamfest.cararadioclub.org.

Craig Ross of Danbury showcases the different radios he has on display for potential buyers at the Western Connecticut Hamfest on August 26. —Bee Photos, Silber
The lower parking lot of the Edmond Town Hall was packed with vendors selling radio equipment during the Western Connecticut Hamfest on Sunday, August 26.
Hamband musicians James “AB1DQ” Surprenant, left, and Richard “K1RSU” Pizzoferrato come out to the Western Connecticut Hamfest every year to entertain attendees.
Pictured from left are ham radio enthusiasts DJ Kinkne, Rob “NLALF” Nebel, Ric “W2RIC” Line, his daughter Taylor Line, and Larry “N1YBA” Lovell, who traveled to Edmond Town Hall to enjoy the 2018 Western Connecticut Hamfest on August 26.
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