• Resident Gets A Cold Welcome Home

    It is one thing to take part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It is another thing to be an unwilling participant in this winter’s version of that charity challenge, when frozen pipes break and send a deluge of icy water over household possessions. The unusually cold weather that has refused to lift itself off of New England since January has increased the threat of pipes freezing and bursting. Even thoughtful preparation does not always guarantee that homeowners will avoid an unpleasant winter weather experience.

  • ‘Warm’ Sunday Prompts A Day Outdoors

    Riley Trask, 10, climbed toward a small yellow lab sitting on the hill. Waiting, tail wagging, the dog watched Riley lean down and pack a snowball between thick mittens. As eager as the little lab, Riley turned and tossed the snow twin sister Dylann played with the handful of dogs at Newtown’s Park and Bark dog park Sunday, February 22, slipping through snow softening under unusually warm temperatures. Despite Saturday evening’s snowfall that added more than 4 inches to the snowcover lingering this month, Sunday afternoon saw the thermometers reach nearly 40 degrees.

  • Beryl Harrison Celebrates 25 Years At C.H. Booth Library

    In 25 years as a librarian at C.H. Booth Library, Beryl Harrison has served in numerous and valuable capacities. She has seen the library grow — and shrink, as digital options become equally preferred to hard copy volumes. She has worked side by side with a staff that she calls “wonderful.” She has also endeared herself to patrons and fellow staff members, through her dedication to her career. Library Director Brenda McKinley calls her “one of the kindest people I know. “She is also very intelligent and tenacious when it comes to being a reference librarian,” Ms McKinley added. “She will always go the extra mile, and beyond, for a patron with a question or problem.” The staff will honor Ms Harrison’s 25 years of service to the public on Friday, February 20, she said, during its regular staff meeting.

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  • St John’s Serves Up Pancake Supper

    Batter sizzled on a hot griddle. Minutes later Erica Knapp flipped pancakes, filling plates during the 58th annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper at St John’s Episcopal Church, 5 Washington Avenue. Erica’s mother Janet Knapp took the fresh plates, added a side of apple sauce, and passed the waiting dishes to Mary Fellows or Melanie Mattegat, who were among servers welcoming guests to the church’s downstairs hall. Between 5 and 7 pm on Tuesday, February 17, despite the cold weather, residents filled the church stairwell, waiting to purchase their dinner tickets. Erica kept up a steady pace of mixing and baking pancakes, which her mother and volunteer Lisa Ryan assisted with in the kitchen. Wearing a batter-specked green apron and smiling was Stephanie Schneiderman, who also helped serve and clear tables where guests, including Cindy and Bob Mitchell, enjoyed a fresh coffee and pancake supper.

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  • The Eagles’ Don Felder Talks ‘Hotel California’ Tour Ahead Of Ridgefield Stop

    RIDGEFIELD — Don Felder may not be the first member of The Eagles you think of as you’re humming, or playing air guitar, to “Hotel California,” one of the defining classic rock songs of all time. But Felder’s influence is as much a part of the history of the Eagles, as it is in numerous other collaborations with iconic pop and rock stars. On March 18, local fans will be able to enjoy a huge dose of Felder’s Eagles material, as well as a sampling of his solo material as he rolls his "Evening at the Hotel California" tour into the intimate Ridgefield Playhouse. Check out his exclusive interview with The Bee,