Second Amendment

  • Gun Confiscation Leads To Genocide

    To the Editor,

    Mr Loerzel suggested last week in his letter that I perhaps move to some other “civilized society” where there is no gun ownership and “considerable less gun violence.”

  • Protestors On Both Sides Of The Argument

    A crowd of protesters both supporting their Second Amendment rights and the National Rifle Association, and a large faction pushing for stronger gun legislation in the wake of 12/14, gathered at the intersection of Wasserman Way and Queen Street late Thursday afternoon. More than 100 protesters — many with handmade signs or carrying flags — crowded the curb after 4:30 pm as drivers in rush hour traffic beeped in support. The crowd Thursday was the largest seen to date.

  • A Prescription For Death

    To the Editor:

    The present gun control changes before Congress to prevent gun violence do not include assault weapons and other items vital to stop senseless gun violence. The reasons vary. I have spoken to a local person who is also opposed to any gun control. Apparently, this person would rather continue to see the slaughter in our streets, our classrooms, and in our homes. No tragedy, however troubling, can persuade them to give up their guns.

  • Mr Duffy’s Extremist And Reactionary View

    To the Editor:

  • CAGV Agenda Is Counterproductive

    To the Editor:

    To CAGV (Connecticut against Gun Violence) in response to your recent radio advertisement.

    The existence of an organization dedicated to infringing on the right of the people to keep and bear arms is testament to the intelligence and necessity of the Second Amendment. You should try reading it! It ensures your freedom of speech among other things.

    Furthermore, advertising in this manner perpetuates grief among survivors and invites copy cats. Accessories?

  • Definition Clarification

     To the Editor:

    Over the years, anti-Second Amendment activists and proponents of strict gun control have come up with some silly, misleading sound bites aimed at the emotions of the misinformed: “cop killer bullets,” “Saturday night specials,” “dangerous assault weapons.”

  • Financial Collapse Is Near

    To the Editor,                                          

  • Attacking The Second Amendment

    To the Editor:

    In response to a letter to the editor from Michael Luzzi printed 03/07/2013 edition of the Bee.

  • Apples and Oranges

    To the Editor:

    I love both apples and oranges and consume many of each. When asked which I like better, I will admit: While I’m eating a crunchy apple in the fall, I say, “apples”; however, if I’m slurping a juicy orange, then I prefer “oranges.”

  • Second Amendment Limits? Be Careful What You Ask For

    To the Editor,

    I think we need to stop blaming inanimate objects.  There is not a gun violence problem, there is a violence problem. Has anyone not seen the violent twitter posts, and news reports or YouTube clips showing “Flashmobs” assaulting people, damaging or stealing property?  Even this violence is just a symptom. The actual problem is our society and culture.  We have stopped teaching right and wrong: instead we’ve been taught we can’t judge another’s behavior.