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CAC Staff Honored With Special Appreciation Lunch



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CAC Staff Honored

With Special Appreciation Lunch

Sixteen-year-old Makena Cunningham, a former preschool student at The Children’s Adventure Center (CAC), is working on her Gold Award for Girl Scouts and she decided this holiday season would be ideal time to do something special for a very special group of people she always admired.

Combining her work on her Gold Award with something special for CAC and its preschool teaching staff, she created a Holiday Appreciation Lunch. She developed the menu, planned all the necessary shopping trips for food and decorations, set an elegant buffet table, and left the CAC kitchen spotless when she finished.

The menus she planned, cooked, and served single-handedly included chicken Geneva with special gourmet ingredients, pasta salad, garden fresh salad with herbs, homemade brownies, and appropriate beverages. The meal was highlighted with pistachio nuts.

The CAC staff so elegantly entertained included Ann Marie Devivo, Tabitha Godfrey, Joanne MaCaffrey, Marci Shpunt, Kathi Surawski, Noel Furano, Debi Bombero, Tina Garafalo, Tracy Karolczuk, Nora Lundgren, Amy Platt, Rose Luzzi ,and Megan Thompson.

A very happy and please Makena remembered being a preschool student at the Children’s Adventure Center and she remarked, “I always loved the CAC teachers and the special way they had of making real learning fun. And now that my youngest sister, Geneva, is at the center, I wanted to do something to express my appreciation for the special experiences I remembered and not just send a thank you card and this seemed to be the ideal time.”

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