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A Legacy For Generations To Come By Sandra R. Motyka



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To the Editor:

Newtown has within its grasp, the potential to provide a unique and priceless legacy to future generation: a pristine and untouched High Meadow.

Fortunately, High Meadow is currently designated open space, which most people understand to mean that it will remain forever untouched - a safe and protected refuge where birds, pollinators, and small creatures can flourish.

Unfortunately, as recent proposals for using part of this property prove, open space protection is not as iron-clad as most people think. If an exception is made now, for however good the reason, why not more exceptions and development in the future for other good reasons!

What better way to honor the memory of 12/14 than to continue to protect the integrity of High Meadow. No roads. No vehicular traffic. No parking places. No lights. No security apparatus. No artifi-cial manmade constructs except for a singular plaque to identify the site.

Think what a legacy this will be for generations to come. A bit of heaven here on earth, created by God and Nature  - a most fitting memorial for 26 angels and so much more meaningful than anything Man could ever devise.

Sandra R. Motyka

5 Kent Road, Newtown         January 31, 2016

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