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Governor, Local Officials Urging Residents To Stay In Place



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While there is no travel ban in place this morning, Governor Dannel P. Malloy and local officials are encouraging state residents to stay in place if possible while the current snow storm moves across the state. All eight counties of Connecticut are under a Winter Storm Warning this morning.

Gov Malloy activated the state’s Emergency Operations Center at 4 am, to monitor conditions across the state during the current storm. On Sunday evening he announced that all state employees would have at least a delayed start to their work week.

“I am asking everyone to take it slow for tomorrow’s commutes and if possible to avoid travel during the height of the storm Monday morning,” he said. “I have asked all state employees to report to work at 10 am so that the state DOT can clear the roads without the usual morning rush hour traffic. Private sector companies may want to consider similar plans.”

The Town of Newtown is following suit, with Newtown Municipal Center staying closed until at least 10:30 this morning. A decision is expected to be made around 9 am as to whether the opening will be again delayed, or whether the town center will remain closed all day.

Director of Emergency Communications Maureen Will on Sunday evening also urged all residents to stay in place if possible on Monday.

“Please stay off the roadways if you do not need to be out,” said Ms Will. “Keep cars off the street and do not plow into the roads. If residents continue to do what they have been doing, our highway department will be able to keep our roads safe and responders will be able to get out when needed.

“This event will be different than Juno as ice is expected to form, which can cause outages,” she added.

Winter Storm Juno, which dumped up to 12 inches of snow on Newtown, arrived midday Monday, January 26, and led to the first travel ban of the year. Most residents listened to the urging of local and state officials, who asked that everyone get into place and stay put once the snow arrived. As a result, very few accidents were reported during the storm, which moved out of the area Tuesday, January 27. Gov Malloy and Ms Will both praised residents for staying off the roads and allowing DOT and Public Works crews to do their jobs thanks to public cooperation.

While Juno was a snow storm, the current storm is expected to continue as snow for a few hours past daybreak today, but then switch to any icy mix. Temperatures are expected to drop, which will create the icing conditions Ms Will was referring to.

“Make preparations in the event that power does go out,” Ms Will said. “It’s important that we continue to stay prepared and not just think it won’t happen.

“Keep your cell phone charged, and get emergency supplies in one area,” she said.

Winter Storm Warnings from the National Weather Service will remain in place until at least 6 pm Monday. Total snow accumulation locally is expected to be between 8 and 13 inches, along with around a tenth of an inch of ice. Heavy snow will continue falling this morning, according to NWS, briefly mixing with sleet and freezing rain later this morning. The weather service is saying the storm will then bring more snow into Newtown by this afternoon.

“A chance of snow, mainly before 9 pm,” is being predicted by NWS this morning, indicating this is a slow moving storm.

Snow is expected to fall at 1-2 inches per hour.

Superintendent of Schools Joseph Erardi Jr took a proactive approach on Sunday, announcing by mid-Sunday afternoon that Newtown’s .public schools would be closed today

Businesses and organizations that are being affected by today’s snow are encouraged to contact The Newtown Bee to share news of delayed openings or cancellations. Send email to shannon@thebee.com, and announcements will be posted on The Bee’s website, and shared through social media.

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