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An Incredible Performance and Experience



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To the Editor:

On Sunday, February 23, I was privileged to attend an incredible concert of the Faure Quartet sponsored by the Newtown Friends of Music.  These wonderful artists played with such great sensitivity and passion and style that it was all you could do to sit in your chair during the performance.  The pianist and cellist were riveting to watch – such brilliant playing dispensed with seeming effortlessness, as the four artists played as though they were one.  I knew that I was seeing a performance that I would remember for the rest of my life!

As with any great concert, it all begins with the selection of the music.  The first piece, a quartet written by Mahler at age 16, was soulful and magnificent – Beethoven would have been proud to call it his own.  This was followed by a Quartet written by Faure himself, and it was a revelation!  Such beauty and romantic and uplifting themes!  But this was just the “warm-up.”

After intermission, we heard the Brahms Piano Quartet No. 1.  The first three movements were absolutely mesmerizing and incredibly stirring with a wonderful richness and warmth for the strings that is uniquely Brahms. But the fourth movement sounded like it was from a completely different piece – and then, all of a sudden – the style of the music completely changed – and there it was, “re-attached” to the first three movements with a calm and haunting melody. But you sensed that it was almost waiting – like a coiled spring. And then, it sprang like a force of nature, overpowering in sound and beauty and with intense emotion, and played equally emotionally and passionately and magnificently!  It was, without question, the most powerful and beautiful performance of a piece that I have ever heard.  It was a privilege to have been there to see it and hear it and the thunderous standing ovation from everyone confirmed how extraordinary it was.  Words are inadequate to convey just how incredible the performance and experience was.

And then, there was a charming encore. 

Afterwards, it was so enjoyable to talk to the artists about their performance and their lives while eating the absolutely delicious cookies and treats.

I smiled when I saw all the young children in attendance and they seemed to love being there.  Thank you so much for an amazing experience. I can’t wait until the next concert!

Robert Shohet

51 Scudder Road, Newtown                        March 2, 2015

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