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Top Five NewtownBee.com Stories For February 21 To 27



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Each week we compile a list of some of the most-read stories published at newtownbee.com. Here is a roundup of the week’s recent top stories, based on the number of page reads.

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“The Gifts Of Town Historian Daniel Cruson, Remembered,” by Nancy K. Crevier, published on February 25. When the final history of Newtown is written, it is Daniel Cruson who will be best remembered as the author of this town’s past. Spanning nearly a half century of exploring Newtown’s history, the last 27 of which he served as Newtown’s official Town Historian, Daniel Cruson, who died February 21, has left a gift for which Newtown will be always grateful — meticulous records of the people and places of our town. Read more at newtownbee.com/02252021/the-gifts-of-town-historian-daniel-cruson-remembered.

“Newtown Veterinary Specialists Saves The Life Of Maxine The Cat — Twice,” by Alissa Silber, published February 23. The old adage goes that cats have nine lives; and while that is not exactly accurate, it seems to be appropriate in the case of Maxine the cat, who came back from the brink of death twice thanks to the care she received at Newtown Veterinary Specialists (NVS) in Newtown. Read more at newtownbee.com/02232021/newtown-veterinary-specialists-saves-the-life-of-maxine-the-cat-twice.

“Ivy Rehab Opens New England’s First Pediatric Center In Newtown,” by John Voket, published February 22. With more than 200 rehabilitation centers nationwide, when it came time to open New England’s first Ivy Rehab for Kids pediatric rehabilitation center, the company chose Newtown. Read more at newtownbee.com/02222021/ivy-rehab-opens-new-englands-first-pediatric-center-in-newtown.

“NAA Leader Offers Support On Open Carry Legislation,” by John Voket, published February 26. An interesting collaboration was suggested after a proposed ordinance that could, if passed, bar the open carry of firearms on town-owned property was moved to committee by the Legislative Council. Newtown Action Alliance co-founder Po Murray, a vocal gun safety advocate since 12/14, offered council members her assistance in any efforts to get statewide legislation introduced that would extend a similar ban to all 169 Connecticut municipalities. Read more at newtownbee.com/02262021/naa-leader-offers-support-on-open-carry-legislation.

“Becoming Eligible For COVID Vax? Supply Will Determine Wait Time,” by John Voket, published February 25. With the March 1 expansion of eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines opening up for school staffers, child care providers, and those age 55 and over, Newtown Health District Director Donna Culbert has a few important points for residents and those critical workers to remember. Read more at newtownbee.com/02252021/becoming-eligible-for-covid-vax-supply-will-determine-wait-time.

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